Australian Libertarian Society

Defending life, liberty and property

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    PO Box 6038 Mooloolah Qld 4553

    +61 404 044561

    john.humphreys99 [at]

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The ALS is involved in several projects…

* Involvement in politics — We have endorsed candidates at State and Federal elections and provide information on the policies of Australian political parties.

* Kyoto campaign — We continue to challenge the global warming fear-mongers in their calls for drastic and costly government action.

* Economic reform — We support continuing the process of microeconomic reform away from an over-regulated economy towards free markets and low tax.

* Peace project — The ALS rejects the huge assault on our freedoms committed in the name of keeping Australians safe.

* Defending individual rights — The ALS supports an individuals right to choose their own lifestyle, including choices on alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, shooting, gambling and sexual preferences. The ALS supports civil liberties, including freedom of speech and the right to privacy.

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