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Economic reform

The ALS wants radical economic reform away from an over-taxed over-regulated economy and towards free trade and free markets. We are a strong advocate for significant tax and welfare reform that helps reduce the tax/spending level. The ALS opposes the minimum wage and labour market regulation and supports continued privatisation and deregulation of the Australian economy.

Articles on general economic issues

1 March 2008: The Case for Free Immigration Agreements (IPA Review)
19 March 2007: Beginners Guide to Austrian Economics (IPA Review)
17 May 2006: Stiglitz’s book and my discontent (old blog)
1 October 2005: Abolish minimum wage (old blog)
25 January 2005: Cowboy capitalism: has it delivered? (Online Opinion)
13 July 2004: Poverty and inequality (old blog)
12 May 2004: Budget blues (old blog)
2 May 2003: Happiness and growth (old blog)

Articles on tax/welfare issues

November 2007: Exploring a Carbon Tax for Australia (CIS Monograph)
24 October 2006: The rising cost of federal government (Thoughts on Freedom)
November 2005: Reform 30/30: Rebuilding Australia’s tax and welfare system (CIS Monograph)
30 December 2004: Why deficits don’t matter — for now (Online Opinion)
11 August 2004: Australia’s tax and spending trends (old blog)
15 January 2004: Reviving the flat tax debate (old blog)
16 January 2003: Tax and spend Liberals (old blog)
Autumn 2001: Reforming Wages and Welfare Policy: Six Advantages of a Negative Income Tax (Policy)

Articles on education policy

19 May 2005: Beware stereotyping private schools (Online Opinion)
Autumn 2002: Funding school choice: Vouchers or Tax Credits (Policy)


The previous webpage of the ALS (including blog posts from 2003-2006) can been seen here.

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