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Kyoto campaign

Global warming fear-mongers continue to call for drastic and costly government action to address climate change. In response, the ALS continues to explore the science and economics of the Kyoto Protocol (and other proposed policies) to show why there is currently no convincing argument for government intervention.

Satellite Temperature Records (John Christy)

(measured as deviation from an historical average)

2009: +0.33 (updated 10 March 2009)
2008: +0.05
2007: +0.28
2006: +0.27
2005: +0.33
2004: +0.20
2003: +0.27
2002: +0.31
2001: +0.20
2000: +0.04
1999: +0.04
1998: +0.51
1997: +0.05
1996: +0.02
1995: +0.11
1994: -0.01

Articles on Kyoto and global warming

13 July 2007: The Great Global Warming Swindle (Thoughts on Freedom)
1 July 2007: The Carbon Coalition (Thoughts on Freedom)
30 June 2007: Great Global Warming Swindle (Thoughts on Freedom)
11 June 2007: Global Warming Predictions (Thoughts on Freedom)
2 June 2007: Keep the fear alive (Thoughts on Freedom)
6 May 2007: GW: carbon tax vs. trading (Thoughts on Freedom)
4 March 2007: Techno optimism (Thoughts on Freedom)
15 February 2007: GW: rhetoric vs. reality (Thoughts on Freedom)
17 December 2006: Warbal Gloaming (Thoughts on Freedom)
7 December 2006: GW: Discounting the Stern Report (Thoughts on Freedom)
5 December 2006: GW: debate about debate (Thoughts on Freedom)
4 December 2006: GW skeptics, alarmists and denialists (Thoughts on Freedom)
24 November 2006: Global warming science (Thoughts on Freedom)
4 November 2006: Global warming scare stories (Thoughts on Freedom)
18 October 2006: Global warming debate not over (Thoughts on Freedom)
22 July 2004: Canberra’s cold winter and global cooling
15 August 2003: Kyoto Questions

Anti-Kyoto economists petition (2003)

In 2003, the ALS helped to coordinate a petition to show that a significant number of economists did not support the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol. The petition was in response to a pro-Kyoto petition arranged by Australian economists Clive Hamilton (of the Australia Institute) and John Quiggin. While the anti-Kyoto petition gained fewer signatures than the pro-Kyoto petition, it was successful in exposing the continued controversy surrounding Kyoto and the lack of consensus on action.

The petition-wars were discussed by Dr Alex Robson in an opinion article in the Canberra Times.


Useful climate science

Climate Audit (Steve McIntyre and friends)
World Climate Report
Lubos Motl
M&M Project (McIntyre and McKitrick on the hockey stick)
Science bits (Nir Shaviv)
The Deniers Series (Canada’s National Post)
Jennifer Marohasy
Prometheus (Science policy weblog)
Ross McKitrick
Lavoisier Group

CATO on global warming
Global warming skeptic
Bjorn Lomborg
Still waiting for greenhouse (former site of John Daly, RIP)
Lavoisier Group
co2 Science
Climate Science (Roger Pielke Snr and friends)
Disputed Science of Global Warming (.pdf)
No Consensus on Global Warming and this, by Richard Lindzen
Reflections of a Climate Skeptic, by Hendrik Tennekes
Living with Global Warming (pdf), by Goklany, Scholar and Virginia
Economics of Climate Change (pdf), UK House of Lords

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