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Peace project

Terrorism fear-mongers continue to call for drastic and costly government action to address the threat from terrorists. In response the ALS continues to explore the real evidence regarding this threat and the proposed policy responses.

While there is disagreement within the Australian libertarian community, the ALS endorses the standard libertarian position of strong support for civil liberties and skepticism about the value of costly, activist foreign policy.

Articles on terrorism, war and peace

21 October 2006: Newsflash: people dead in Iraq (Thoughts on Freedom)
30 April 2005: Why we won WW2 (old blog)
Autumn 2004: What price security? (Policy)
22 October 2003: Iraqi musings of a peace-monger (old blog)
7 July 2003: The search for WMDs (old blog)
27 May 2003: A comment on isolationism (old blog)
4 April 2003: Cost benefit analysis of the war (old blog)
2 April 2003: War or tax cuts (old blog)
7 March 2003: Government vs. the people (old blog)
31 January 2003: Weapons of mass destruction (old blog)
30 January 2003: Be a good citizen and trust your government (old blog)

Other foreign policy articles

19 July 2006: Indian “renaissance” fiction (Online Opinion)

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